Club Lampeggiante Blu

Club Lampeggiante Blu

Who doesn't remember the spectacular chase scenes from the earlier Italian police films? Giulias, Alfettas and 75s in particular in gray-green, blue with white stripes or dark blue chased the fleeing crooks with blue flashing lights, screaming sirens and screeching tires. Almost every corner was taken sideways and regularly innocent road users were knocked aside. The Alfas did not always emerge unscathed from the battle, sometimes they could go straight to the scrap heap.

The Alfas with which the Club Lampeggiante Blu ('blue flashing light') comes from Italy to Zandvoort are in top condition. Carefully conditioned or restored by the members who in most cases are or were employed by the police and carabinieri. The convoy consists of approximately fifteen vehicles, police cars as well as ambulances. The club's outings are about more than just fun; the ladies and gentlemen also raise money for charities.

Would you like to meet our Italian guests at the Spettacolo Sportivo 2024 earlier? Check out their website, the Instagram, YouTube or facebook account.

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