Counting down the days!

Participate in one or more track sessions on the spectacular historic and recently renewed Zandvoort race track. We’ve got something for everyone's taste.


Sessions for drivers who have advanced driving skills or track experience. The focus is on speed.

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Track training

With Track training ('Circuittraining') professional instructors are available to help you to get more speed out of your car and yourself.

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Track Sessions Classic and Modern

Sessions for driving at a fast pace, without worrying about speed cams and tickets.

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Gruppo Bambino

Due to safety regulations, children under 16 years of age are not allowed in the cars in the other sessions. However, to enable your child to experience the excitement of a ride on the track we have created the Gruppo Bambino.

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Jubilee parade

A parade on Sunday to celebrate the SCARB's 45 year anniversary.

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Demo runs

Very special Alfa Romeos, for example pre-war models, with a remarkable racing history or just very rare, can do a few laps on the track in the demo runs.

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