Track Sessions Classic and Modern

Track Sessions ('Vrij rijden') are for driving at a fast pace, without worrying about speed cams and tickets. These sessions are meant for those who like to drive at high speed without going flat-out. If you want to drive close to or at the limit, please register for Scuderia or Track Training ('circuittraining').

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  • Classic: 33, 75, 164, Spider IV, SZ/RZ or older.
  • Modern: 145, 155, 166, 916 or younger.
  • Choice from several sessions; one classic and one modern on Saturday. On Sunday; one classic, one modern and one mixed.
  • Your Alfa must be street legal and have a license plate.
  • One passenger (16 years of age or older).
  • Track time will be approximately 25 minutes, including line-up and exit.
  • Attending the briefing and signing a disclaimer is mandatory for driver AND passenger.
  • The fee is 45 euros per session.


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