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The Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo 2024 will take place at the Circuit of Zandvoort on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June. Opening hours of the circuit site for the public are from 9am to 6pm on both days. If your Alfa has to undergo a mandatory technical inspection, you can go earlier and you will receive information about this in the confirmation email.

On presentation of their valid club pass, SCARB members have free admission, together with another adult and their children up to 16 years old. Non-members pay 25 euros per day, or 30 euros for the entire weekend. Children up to 6 years old have free admission. For children aged 6 to 16, admission costs 5 euros for one day and the entire weekend. Members of foreign Alfa clubs receive a 5 euro discount on presentation of a valid club card for 2024.

Upon arrival, the SCARB volunteers, clearly recognizable, will direct you to your parking spot. We refer non-Alfas to a separate parking space.

Registering in advance via the webshop is useful to ensure your participation in the track sessions, while stock lasts. If still available you can also buy tickets during the weekend (at the Registration Desk above the pit boxes), but there is a surcharge of 5 euros per ticket. Pre-registration is not required for access to the paddock.

To enter the track, drivers and any passengers need a wristband. You will receive this after submitting a signed declaration of indemnity. This online version also has a German and English translation.

The house rules of the circuit do not allow pets or animals on the entire site, not even in the car, with the exception of assistance dogs. Those who bring their dog or other pet will not be admitted or, if they have entered, will be sent off the site. Promotional activities (including handing out flyers) without prior permission are not permitted. View all house rules of the circuit.

For SCARB membersonly: your second Alfa can also enter the paddock if: both cars are in your name and you arrive at the gate with the second driver driving directly behind you and indicate to the volunteer that you are coming with two cars. The total number of occupants cannot exceed two adults and their children up to the age of 16.

This item does not apply to Alfas registered outside the Netherlands.

You can register via the webshop. The sale of track sessions closes the night of June 25th to 28th. When registering, pay close attention to any admission requirements and the days on which the program components take place. Do you want to participate with more than one Alfa? Fill in a registration form per car.

During the Spettacolo weekend you can register at the registration desk for (extra) track sessions (if still available). The prices are slightly higher than in the pre-registration. Cash payment is not possible, payment is only possible with PIN. The registration desk is open both days from 10:00 am. You can register for the Scuderia and the Track training (‘Circuittraining’) on Friday evening during the technical check-up in the TC warehouse (‘TC Loods’) or on Saturday morning before 10:00 am at the registration desk.

Come to the Registration Desk at the beginning of the day. We are happy to advise you on your choice from the various sessions that still have spaces.

View the program. PLEASE NOTE: All times mentioned are subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances. The final program can be found on the Spettacolo.

That depends on the type of track session. See the session descriptions under DO for more information.

Not at any track in Europe children under the age of 16 are allowed on the track. The Spettacolo offers the exception; the Gruppo Bambino. See the description for more details.

Technical inspection requirements apply to the Scuderia and Track training  (‘Circuittraining’). The times for the inspection are in the confirmation email you will receive when you get the final order.

Please contact if you are not available at the specified time.

The briefing is mandatory for drivers AND passengers. The briefing video can be watched on YouTube. You will receive a windshield sticker and wristbands after submitting an indemnification statement (view the example). Without these items you will not be admitted to the track. If you have registered for several track sessions, you only have to follow the briefing only once and you will also receive all windscreen stickers in one go. An exception applies to the briefing for the Gruppo Bambino, the course of events is very different. Therefore, drivers and (adult) passengers must follow these in all cases. The briefing is not mandatory for participants (and their passengers) in the parades, but signing an indemnification statement is.

The registration desk and briefing room can be found at the gallery above the pit boxes.

Passengers, for example, a partner, son or daughter, must also attend the briefing (online), precisely because drivers then can swap places during the session. This is only allowed in the pit lane. It is not possible to walk into the pit lane from the paddock, so anyone who wants to take over the wheel must first enter the track as a passenger.

Usually, insurance companies do not pay out for damage caused on the track or during a speed event. There are exceptions where there is coverage, but sometimes there is an obligation to report the activities in advance. Ask your insurance company or intermediary about the conditions.

Consult or booking sites such as and for accommodation options.

Any SCARB member who wishes to withdraw his or her registration before the start of the event will receive a refund of the registration fee if both:

  • no later than two weeks before the start of the event, the cancellation has been reported to the organization in writing via , and:
  • there is a valid, verifiable and unavoidable reason for cancellation.

No refund will be made if:

  • your registration is in conflict with the requirements and conditions as stated in the official publications (including this website).
  • your car does not appear to be in order during the mandatory safety inspection.
  • if before or after entering the track it appears that your car produces too much noise. Due to the very strict noise standards, your car will not be allowed at or will be removed from the track.
  • the impediment is the result of travel restrictions imposed by the government in connection with the corona virus. This is important for those living abroad.

Any refund will be made within a few weeks after the event.

The SCARB processes personal data in accordance with the AVG (GDPR) (effective 25 May 2018). Our privacy statement can be found at (Dutch).

If you cannot find an answer to your question above, please contact us via for questions about the track programme, for other questions about the Spettacolo Sportivo or via for general questions about the SCARB . For the latest news, visit

You can report to the cash register at the gate to register as a member. Then you immediately have free access to the Spettacolo, together with another adult and two children up to 16 years old.

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