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Sessions for drivers who have advanced driving skills or track experience. The focus is on speed. These sessions are open to all Alfa models, both street legal and track cars. A brand new Tonale will be welcome, just as much as a vintage Alfa racer.

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  • For your own safety and the safety of others the car, you will have to pass a strict, but fair safety inspection to be allowed to enter the track. Special attention will be paid to the noise production, due to area noise restrictions. We therefore recommend a standard exhaust systems. Read or download the requirements.
  • Only one passenger, 16 years of age or older are allowed.
  • A helmet is mandatory.
  • On a dry track slicks are permitted, but rain tyres or well-profiled street tyres must be present. The scrutineers will oversee this.
  • Choose from one or more 25 minutes sessions, two on Saturday, two on Sunday, including line up and exit.
  • Lap timing transponders are not available, but you can download a lap timer app to your smartphone.
  • Attending the briefing and signing a disclaimer is mandatory for driver AND passenger.
  • Your car must be parked in a dedicated area.
  • The fee is 55 euros per session.

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