Spettacolo Sportivo 2019

The Spettacolo Sportivo is the largest annual Alfa Romeo event on the continent and attracts Alfa enthusiasts even from outside Europe. This year the Dutch Alfa Romeo owners club SCARB organizes the event for the 22nd time. Again the race track of Zandvoort, former and future Formula 1 circuit, is the venue where it all takes place. Included in the program are races, parades, track sessions, track training and a lot more.

Zenith of the Spettacolo Sportivo: Zagato

Main theme of the Spettacolo is the celebration of the 100th anniversary of design house and coachbuilder Zagato. Already in 1921, the first Alfa Romeo bodied by Zagato appeared: the G1 Lusso. Since then Zagato took care of the design of many other Alfa Romeos. Especially the 6C 1750 from 1929, elegant and succesfull in many races, appeals to the imagination. Visitors can admire a collection of Zagato's rare and sometimes unique works of art, based on Alfa Romeo as well as on other marques

Other themes

A Zagato that can be seen a little more often 'in the wild' is the Junior Z from 1969 and its sister model GT 1600 Z from 1972. With the support of the SCARB's Junior Zagato Register and the Dutch Junior Zagato Archives we celebrate the 50th anniversary with an attempt to gather as much examples of this model as possible.

The ES-30 celebrates its 30th birthday. The '30' in the name does not refer to the age but to the engine capacity of 3 liters while 'ES' stands for Experimental Sportscar. When in 1989 the car, designed by Robert Opron,

was revealed the name was changed into SZ (Sprint Zagato), the open version got the name RZ (Roadster Zagato). In Italy, due to its controversial looks, the car was nicknamed 'Il Mostro'. At the Spettacolo we try to gather as much of these monsters as possible.

In 1994 Alfa Romeo presented the 145, successor of the 33, at the Turin car show. Sister 146 appeared in December of the same year, its production started in 1995. At the Spettacolo we celebrate the 25th anniversary of these models.

Do and see

This website provides all information about what you can do and see at the Spettacolo. Go to INFO for everything you need to know about entry, prices, program, technical requirements and much more.

Online registering for track activities through the webshop ends the night from August 20th to 21st. During the Spettacolo you can still register, as long as the sessions are not fully booked, at the Registration Desk ('Inschrijfbalie'), for a slightly higher price.

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