An international celebration for fans of all Alfa Romeo models.

The SCARB is throwing a party! Not only are we celebrating the club's 45th anniversary this year, but we are also organizing the Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo for the 25th (!) time, an international celebration for fans of all Alfa Romeo models. Visitors can participate in various track activities, but also casually stroll around the paddock, watch the races of the Squadra Italia and the Alfa Romeo Challenge from the stands, relax on the terrace of the Club Cafe and above all: meet other Alfisti, because like us motto is: 'Passie beleef je samen' wwhich means 'Passion needs to be experienced together'. Non-members are also welcome. Even better: after purchasing an entrance ticket, they can now also park their Alfas on the paddock and also buy tickets for the track activities.


Stroll around at your leisure across the paddock, looking for that unique Alfa Romeo. During the Spettacolo Sportivo there is so much to see on and around the track.

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Participate in one or more track sessions on the spectacular historic and recently renewed Zandvoort race track. We’ve got something for everyone's taste.

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Got questions? Wanting to know more about the Spettacolo Sportivo? Check if the answer already is in the FAQ list. If not, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Jubilee of the Alfa 166

In addition to the 45th anniversary of the club and the 25th Spettacolo Sportivo, we are celebrating another anniversary. We put the spotlight on the Alfa 166, the large limousine that was produced from October 1, 1998 to May 16, 2007, with a facelift in 2003. 99.406 copies rolled off the band, of which 3,060 were sold in the Netherlands. The advertising slogan read (paraphrased: 'Alfa Romeo 166, for people who are already arrived before they get to their destination'. On Saturday at 3.15 pm and on Sunday at 2.30 pm, Boudewijn Soetens will give a presentation about 25 years of Alfa 166 in the Media Center above the pit boxes. In addition, owners can participate in the parade on Sunday with their 166.

Counting down the days!

Do and see

This website provides all information about what you can do and see at the Spettacolo. Go to INFO for everything you need to know about entry, prices, program, technical requirements and much more. Online registering for track activities through the webshop ends the night from Juni 27th to 28th. During the Spettacolo you can still register, as long as the sessions are not fully booked, at the Registration Desk ('Inschrijfbalie'), for a slightly higher price.

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