Alfa 90 gathering

Alfa 90 parade

While Alfa Romeo's own Centro Stile was responsible for the design of the Alfetta, Bertone's signature was underneath the sketches of its successor, the Alfa 90.

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The 90 had a sleeker design and more luxurious equipment, but was technically largely identical. But the range was supplemented with Busso's wonderful 6-cylinder (2.0 and 2.5 liter), and a fast 2.4 liter turbo-diesel for that time.

The Alfa 90 was introduced in 1984 at the Turin Motor Show. Notable features were the front spoiler that dropped a few centimeters above 80 km/h for better road holding and engine cooling, and (as an optional accessory) a Valextra briefcase that could be slid into the dashboard.

Production numbers were not high; thet did not excess 56,500 cars and production was stopped in 1987.

In the context of 40 years of Alfa 90, we are trying to collect as many 'Novantas' as possible. The cars will have a dedicated spot on the paddock on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday the cars can participate in the parade..

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